by keepcalmitsjustamel


i want to begin to say thank you for taking the time to give me some attention. i have been debating this whole blog thing ever since the first time i found out what blogging was. (2008)

after years of being against blogs and blogging, i realized how foolish i was and how much my lack of knowledge about the blog world controlled my opinion about the people who blog. ( i want to apologize to those who i have offended )

so i decided to join.

the first step was to find a name for the blog. its taken about three months to find the right name, suddenly i thought “KEEP CALM, IT’S JUST A BLOG”  inspired by the second world war posters.  i am sure there is already a blog with the same name but not on WordPress. so yes it’s just a blog, but what makes this blog stand out? well you will find that out soon.

it’s still under construction,  i am looking forward to start typing away  and hopefully i will inspire someone somewhere through my stories and experiences, just like so many of you have inspired me.

keep calm and look out for my next story!