keep calm AMEL she only moved to norway, not to another planet!

by keepcalmitsjustamel

september 2011 AMEL’s west london flat 2 months before she left me ūüė¶

june 2007 dramaschool london where everything started nine months prior to this picture. we noticed each other during the days and said hi from time to time. but it was not until one day that anne-lise heard me play “my heart will go on” on the piano that we really found a deep connection.

who would know that a simple read-headed girl from north of norway would meet a self-centered actor from south of sweden would find it so easy to enjoy each other’s presence.¬†i love this woman, she has helpt me through so many tough times during my¬†almost six years in london.¬†¬†i will miss her, the other day i was at home trying to¬†find something to do and i¬†thought ” i will call anne-lise maybe she wants to go to the cinema” and then i remembered that i said goodbye to her the same morning at gatwick airport.

it’s going to be¬†very challenging¬†getting used to the fact that she dose not live in london anymore, but¬†than again she is only a¬†short flight away. yes it’s more of a project now,¬†we can’t just meet up outside a tube station in london at the¬†last minute, we have to plan, book tickets, pack ¬†and make sure that we both are available. but it’s worth it. even if she moved to another planet i would visit,¬†you will not get rid of me that easy¬†henningsen!

you are my friend for life and thank you for all the wonderful years in london and a special thank you for not letting go of me and our friendship it will be stronger than ever now when we live a small ocean apart.


june 2011 london on our way to see some good acting

maj 2010 picnic in hyde park london

april 2010 southhampton on our titanic trip

august 2010 dinner at AMEL’s at the time new flat

june 2010 lunch in chelsea london

november 2008 paris

november 2008 paris AMEL showing off his stuff

november 2008 paris the hunchback and esmeralda on to of the notre dame

¬†april 2009 enjoying a nice victorian walk in the park in london’s highgate village

august 2010 tea in chelsea london

june 2009 disney land paris

april 2010 london bus

march 2009 our north london flat

june 2009 disney land paris

keep calm anne-lise likes having her hair pulled