meeting swedish legends in stockholm

by keepcalmitsjustamel

“sergels torg” in stockholm it’s the equivalent to “piccadilly circus” here in london


looking fabulous  for an evening out with swedish a- list legends  in stockholm

“dramaten”  the equivalent to the  “national theatre” in london

pernilla wahlgren at the “circus theatre” in stockholm

christina schollin and i at the her daughters (pernilla wahlgren) concert at the “circus theatre” in stockholm

 as an actor i have always looked up to christina schollin as an inspiration. I find that her acting is very honest and done with such true depth and filled with all five senses.

how come i got the privilege to meet these two swedish legends?

 it happened randomly because of my dear friend hampus, i will not go in to detail but however i will point out that I am blessed with a very good friend there. i am actually  blessed with a good pile of amazing friends who are there for me every-time i need them.  and they are filled with surprises and amazing qualities that they them selves should not take for granted i know i don’t.

(you should know who u are, if not ask me and I will let u know)

a special thank you to hampus!

also you should know that  hampus has a blog of his own.  i will post a link that will take you to his fab blog in my new category that I will create shortly called

“AMEL tells you to read this blog”   so look out for that one. but for now you just have to  suffer through my blog!  ha ha !!

keep calm when you meet a legend