winter sucker-land

by keepcalmitsjustamel

ok.. winter wonderland in hyde park is bullshit this year!

i have been going every year for the past six years and i can honestly say that i am very very disappointed in how the wonderland has become so tacky! six years ago there was more focus on the german christmas market and the christmas food. the bars and pubs were alright and there were such a great christmas spirit in everyone.

 this year it was only about twenty market stands where  twelve of them are selling the same crap, i.e. tacky aroma therapy candle general crap and cheap ugly pictures of london. why!?!?!

it’s not enough that the christmas market sucks, but when you go to a place that call themselves winter wonderland you would expect a lot of winter and christmas music. but no i only heard two christmas songs and the rest was dunka dunka night club tacky crap music. with all do respect to “rihanna” and “chris brown” but unless they are not singing a christmas song they do not belong there. the same goes to other artists.. even if “bing crosby” was singing a random song that had nothing to do with christmas he should be silenced equally as much. i am sorry (no i’m not) but when did winter wonderland become such a tourist attraction that i felt like i was the only londoner there? and when did winter wonderland become a night club going out place? i seem to think for some reason that winter wonderland should be about christmas and cozy markets followed with mulled wine and some good hot christmas food, not a general lets go and get drunk and ride on the carousels until we vomit attraction.

i know that i was very disappointed this year! if you go please let me know what you thought of it. and compare it to previous years.

but having said all of this i did have a good time but that’s only because of the company i kept.

keep calm  and watch out for the drunks who will vomit in your egg nog