a boy on stage escaping his reality

by keepcalmitsjustamel

“the job of an actor/actress is to create a character” sounds easy i thought.. turned out to be the most complex thing and at the same time the most enjoyable and fulfilling thing i knew. during my early childhood in ancient bosnia and hercegovina i used to mimic the tv presenters and news broadcasters, and i started to put up little shows for my parents and guests that came over for some bosnian coffee dirty gossip. than the bullshit war happened.. and we had to change our lives big time. so we ended it up in cold beautiful sweden.

during my early primary years i did not do much acting but i remember going on a school trip at the age of nine to the local theater to see a production of “peter pan” during the show i was lost in the never never land. after the show on our way back to school and then later on my way home  i was still in never never land, it was then i knew what i want to do, what they did on stage whatever that was. but there was a little obstacle questions such as “will my parents support me” ” will my mother be ashamed if i did theater” “will i be more bullied than i already am” etc etc…. but as it turns out my family did give me all the support a nine year old needed and they continued to support me. today i can proudly say that i have been on stage more than hundred times acting, singing dancing and having fun..

stage part – wilhelm gislow in “gislow galoscher och gummi” 2002

stage part- wilhelm gislow in “gislow galoscher och gummi” 2002

doing this production in 2002 was a once in a life time journey. both as an actor but more importantly i developed and discovered myself and gained a much stronger and solid confidence in what i want to do with my life and as a person.  there is a big difference between the boy on stage below at the age of ten in 1999 and the boy above in 2002 at the age of fourteen. you may not see it but the boy below is on stage to escape the harsh reality of his own life, whilst the boy above is enjoying the discovery of the reality he is in and enjoying being on stage in a different world.

stage part- poor boy in “den sanna kärleken” 1999

bosnian gangster 2010

stage part- prince golaud in pelleas and melisande 2011

during my years at drama school in london, i found out what acting should be and how it should be done. on top of that i also went on another personal journey at drama school. every actor goes through that you just can’t avoid it. you should have seen me in my first year. omg i was such a diva, all i wanted was to be famous and the centre of attention, to play the lead part in every play. but that all changed after only six months. i started to understand that a famous actor does not make a good actor, an actor who wants to be center of attention he is not always wanted there by other people in fact he provokes anger more than joy. no that was the key thing for me. today i don’t give a fuck if i become famous or not and i don’t have to have the lead al the bloody time, the small part can be big as well if you do a good job with it.

  whilst at drama school i was given the right points of reference on how to create a character that is not based on your own affinities. now what does that mean? it simply means that when the character you play is for example an eight year old boy who lives in 1930 Ireland  and his mother tells him  to go to his room and play. your thought as a character should be “i will go and play with my wooden green car” that keeps it within the context of the play. but if you think ” i am going to play with my  wii or my computer games ” than you have not done your job as an actor.

all i am saying is acting should just be thinking on stage within the context of the play and the thoughts of your character that you during your rehearsal weeks have designed together with the director. we do that in life as people so  your character on stage should do the same. acting with your five senses is another way of seeing it as.

 we have very good examples of famous actors who act with there own affinities all the time. jennifer aniston is a such actress, when an actor/actress gets type cast in every stage film job she/he does then they are not developing there acting skills. sarah jessica parker is another one.  but take meryl streep – how often have you seen her in the same type of roll? having said that she also has her little moments of not so good acting.

stage part- as richard pratt in taste 2009

stage part- as bert bentley in red peppers  2008

stage part- as lysander in a midsummer night’s dream 2008

                                                   stage part- prince golaud in pelleas and melisande 2011

bosnian gangster 2010

                                                                stage part- prince golaud in pelleas and melisande 2011

stage part- as lysander in a midsummer night’s dream 2008

stage part- as mr bean in mr bean a one mans show 2005- 2006

i do feel very lucky to have been given the amazing opportunities as an actor and as a person. to be on stage has never been something foreign to me apart from being a foreign. to be on stage is the most fulfilling thing to me. to be on stage is such a drug not beacuse you want to be center of attention but because of the pure joy in the thought that you have done something that has given other people joy. the audience is your best friend. i will continue to chase the characters i yet have to play but it will so keep an eye out for me. i could be in the next film/stage thing.

real life- as me in me

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