keeping calm through the years 1987-2011

by keepcalmitsjustamel

it always starts in ancient bosnia and herzegovina

4th october 1987 the night i came home from the hospital

mom and dad getting married 1986

me nine months old

grandmother and me 1987

my uncle and i in 1991 he died the same year this was the last time i ever saw him

4th october 1991 my last birthday in bosnia before we fled to sweden

sweden 1992 after nine months in slovenia waiting for the papers to be allowed to come to sweden

my first evening in sweden 1992

shortly after we arrived to sweden my sister was born on the 19th november 1993

my grandparents joined us in sweden 1994

first day in school 1994


from left 1998 and 1995

my first time on the big stage playing a big part in a theater production 1998

since i hade the musical gene from my dad i thought why not start playing the piano

but not until i turned 15 years old i got my very own piano as a birthday gift from my family

dad playing the accordion

mom cooking in bosnia i just thought i’ll show you a picture of my mother doing something as well..

and while i am at it my grandmother 2010

my sister turned 18 years old in 2011 that is a big step for her.. and a even more terrifying event for my parents.. o my god mom and dad let her be she is a woman now….

and when i turned 18 i moved to

london town in 2006

i have hade five wonderful years here in london looking forward to my sixth year 2012

during my time in london i have lived in 8 different flats. and during the years i have been acting in a number of good plays both at drama school and after graduation but also i have made some very good friends along the way you know who you are.. .. here below you can see the gang only two people missing but they were not there when the picture was taken so they can’t blame me ..

pascale , alexander and sven eating breakfast in paris september 2011 ( i am behind the camera)

paris 2011

i randomly was interviewed in paris. 2011

disneyland with anne-lise 2009

me in new york may 2011

me holding the white house on my shoulders on a very very hot day in may 2011 location washington d.c

president AMEL 2011

got myself a new bike this year her name is bambi, because i am as unsteady on her as she is on ice.

as i think ahead i will be looking back to remember both the sad and the happy times in my life.. so much good has happen in 2011 i hope that 2012 can bring equally as much happiness to me and even more.

a speacial thank you to all my friends who have been there for me through the years. i hope i can give you the same kind of care as you have given me. thank you!

keep calm and a happy new year to you all