keep calm she is keeping her pearls

by keepcalmitsjustamel

we all know that she can do it, but that she could do it like this that just left me gob smacked !

it’s not a secret that i just love meryl streep, she has been an inspiration to me as an actor  my whole acting carrier, she has got the most nominations and awards in hollywood history and she is not done yet. when i read back in 2009  that she was going to do a portrayal of  lady margaret thatcher a.k.a  the iron lady i knew without a doubt in my mind that she will do it in a oscar worthy performance. and still  to my surprise i am sitting there at the  cinema and i am left gob smacked. she did it with out flaw, the accent, the walk, the age, the illness, the thinking, the relationships everything not to mention the empathy that you feel for her. you may not agree with her politics but you do understand how lonely she must have felt and  you feel some empathy for her.

yes, there are little moments where it’s a bit forced with the voice but i think that might be more in context of the move and not meryl forcing it. thatcher had to force her voice to be able to have some “male” authority and strike a tone.

the best bit for me was the scene when margaret  is getting a voice tutorial and it just took me back to my voice tutorials at drama school. it was like watching meryl streep in a voce tutorial class during her drama training. it was very amusing to see.

in an interview with the telegraph she said ”I think, the thing that I noticed when I was making the film, is how fiery hot on both sides the feelings were, people wanted to hold her as this indelible icon or they wanted to regard her as a monster,” she said.

“to me the only interesting thing is to look at margaret thatcher as if she were a human being, which after all she is,” she added.

at the bfi southbank cinema in london, she said: “If you look around at the movie offerings there are over 300 films that are out there this year there are very few that are starring 62-year-old women, that isn’t to say that there aren’t many stories that those women can embody and there aren’t many women, and men, who might like to see them.

she makes a good point.. i definitely agree.

this move is getting a few oscars and baftas and golden globes and what not. the 62-year-old actress has been nominated for 16 oscars. she won one in the supporting actress category in 1980 for kramer vs kramer, and three years later as the lead in sophie’s choice. and it looks like meryl is fetching the oscar this year.


keep calm meryl you will get your oscar