“you’re only two years older than me darling, where have you been all of my life?”

by keepcalmitsjustamel

congratulations my leading and suporting ladys, i am so happy that my two favoirite acctresses this year, got what they deserved.

oscar you lucky bastard, and i am sure he will enjoy the company of the very talented and beautifull meryl streep and octavia spencer. well done ! 🙂

“when you called my name, i had this feeling i could hear half of america going, ‘oh, come on, why her again?’…but whatever!”

and she was fully aware that she will never be up there again. but who knows.. i hope so.

“i really understand i’ll never be up here again. i really want to thank all my colleagues, all my friends. i look out here and i see my life before my eyes. my old friends, my new friends. really, this is such a great honour, but the thing that counts the most with me, is the friendships and the love and the sheer joy we have shared making movies together. my friends, thank you all of you, departed and here, for this inexplicably wonderful career. thank you so much.”

octavia spencer broke into tears as she picked up her best supporting actress golden trophy. batman actor christian bale handed her the oscar trophy and she joked,

“thank you, academy, for putting me with the hottest guy in the room. i have to thank my family in Alabama. The state of alabama. my l.a. family watching at steven’s. my help family.”

christopher plummer won his first oscar for his suporting part in “beginners” i have not seen this move as yet, but its out on dvd and i will see it now ! in his acceptance speech, he said, “you’re only two years older than me darling, where have you been all of my life?”

  a big congrats to him and to all oscars winners !

keep calm and i want an oscar trophy as well !! buhhuuu!!!