keep calm and camera rolling..

by keepcalmitsjustamel

so this week has been full off exiting new acting/extras jobs and the week is not finished yet.

on sunday i was at a photo shoot for well known swedish and up and coming photographer “aida chehrehgosha” it was a press picture where i was part of the cheering crowd in the background.

on monday i was shooting a commercial for drink and drive here in sweden. it will be shown during the trailers in cinemas around the country. there i was in two scenes first as a press journalist at a press conference and then as a wedding guest.

yesterday i was at another shoot for a german tv/film thats been running in germany,austria and switzerland for more then ten years. its a bavaria film production called “inga lindström” i was in total five different scenes with five different costume changes. it was so so much fun and they took good care off us. on set i also meat one of swedens biggest mens style bloggers “robin fröström” aka “stilrobin” he is avery nice young man who is very talented at what he dose if you ask me. you can enjoy his blog by clicking on the picture and you will end up on his blog

finally tonight i am starting the rehearsals of the swedish play “polo-bears” by jonas gardell where i will play solveig a woman. not a drag but a real woman as in you will believe that i am a woman and not a man with a dick under the dress. its going to be so much fun and a very good opportunity for me to use all my tools from my acting training at the academy in london.

now did i forget something… oh yes i am shooting a new comedy series tomorrow as well for tv4 here in sweden. i will play a crew member off a film team that are filming the main characters. there are some big swedish names that are involved in this project such as “sissela kyle” & “johan ulvesson” but i can’t say more then this since its secret until the release date.

so a lot off small acting jobs but at the moment coming to sweden after six years in london any acting job is an important one and should be taken. the job will never come to you and knock on your door. you have to find the jobs and take every good oputunaty that comes your way even if its an extras part beacuse you will still be there where you can network. and for the first time i feel i have a good network with actors, directors and other crew and productions, but its going to be bigger and better.

enjoy some pictures form the days on the different locations and just remember to

keep calm and carry on no matter what