keep calm charley is here.. manamanam tutututu manamanam tutututu…..

by keepcalmitsjustamel

every now and then i write a post about some of my dearest friends and this time its about my childhood and best friend charley.

charley 18 years old and enjoying the school prom

i honestly can say that I don’t believe my early years in life as s kid or on stage as an amateur actor, without him i would not be the person that i am today. now you have to understand that both charley and i went through some rough times in school.

but i found my strength and inspiration to “keep carry on” in charley.

i have always seen him as the big brother that i never had. well yes there is only like three months age difference between us. i want him to know that he has inspired me through out the years and still dose today. the two off us have never had a big fight during the  17 years that we have known each other, i have always respected him.

the two off us have done some crazzzzy things on stage. we have never been at each others throats but on stage we have killed each other we have competed about women we also have done kids plays where we played animals and other magical fairy tale like creatures. but the most important experience i think we have had together on stage and off stage, is laughter and pure joy and belonging. and to be honest, my move from london to stockholm was not easy but knowing that charley lives down the block makes the move more easier and enjoyable.

thank you charley

keep calm charley you will never get rid off me, hahahaha (evil laughter)